Kid Tested, Mother Approved

onelawn® synthetic playground grass has all the beauty of a lush green lawn. Being tough and durable makes it an excellent investment and enables you to ensure your children have a safe, comfortable place to play for your backyard.

onelawn® synthetic playground grass has a natural feel, is non-toxic, allergen-free, and protects against falls by using a soft under padding. We feature a recycled foam pad that has maintained GMax scores to protect against impact injuries. Our padding can cushion falls from six feet to over 10 feet and meets American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Its natural feel, low abrasion and fall protection makes for a perfect playground paradise.

Specifically Designed Synthetic Turf

onelawn® synthetic playground grass makes an ideal surface underneath swing sets or other backyard play structures, allowing you to create a customized configuration that fits any area. Our turf is safer compared to playground surfacing made of bare soil, sand, pea gravel or wood mulch.

Turf Made Specifically for PLAYGROUNDS

Foam Padding Underlayment

Tile Subsurface for Maximum Drainage

Envirofill Infill System