Enhancing Your Space with onelawn® Artificial Turf

The onelawn® Difference

We understand the importance of your lawn to you, which is why at onelawn®, we’re committed to installing the most natural-looking and durable synthetic grass lawns in the Bay Area. Our installation team takes pride in delivering top-tier synthetic turf lawn systems, ensuring no corners are cut. We utilize only the finest artificial turf on the market, coupled with premium installation materials. The onelawn® Surstay system not only mirrors the aesthetic of real grass but also its tactile feel, elevating your outdoor space’s appeal.

  • Non-Toxic – PFAS Free – Safe for Pets and Children
  • Ultra Realistic Say Goodbye to Yellow Patches
  • Built Durable to Withstand Heavy Use
  • Low Maintenance Easy to Clean



Boosting Curb Appeal with Versatile Artificial Grass

Artificial grass from onelawn® offers a versatile solution suitable for various settings, from cozy residential lawns to expansive commercial golf facilities. Our product range includes specially crafted artificial grass for diverse applications, such as landscaping for residential properties, playground surfaces, and pet-friendly turf.

Residential Landscaping

Among the most popular applications of our artificial turf is in residential settings for lawns and landscaping projects. We go the extra mile by customizing our landscaping turf to seamlessly integrate with various outdoor spaces, including roofs, decks, and patios. Our mission is to transform your landscaping visions into tangible realities, ensuring your yard stands out with its perennial beauty and minimal maintenance requirements.

Commercial Applications

onelawn® artificial grass also finds extensive use in commercial spaces, providing a practical and aesthetically pleasing ground cover for golf courses, sports facilities, and more. Our synthetic turf is designed to endure high traffic and maintain its pristine condition over time, making it an ideal choice for business environments focused on appearance and functionality.

Benefits of onelawn® Artificial Turf

A pivotal advantage of opting for onelawn® artificial turf, particularly in regions prone to drought, is the considerable water savings. By eliminating the need for daily watering required by natural grass, you contribute to water conservation efforts while also reducing your utility expenses.

Water Conservation

Our artificial grass negates the need for chemical treatments, such as pesticides and fertilizers, that can harm local ecosystems. This feature makes onelawn® a more environmentally friendly option for your landscaping needs, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our planet.