What are the advantages of working with onelawn®?

There are many reasons why customers choose onelawn® for their landscape projects. We provide beautiful, high quality synthetic grass products installed by a team of professionals. Our staff strives to make every step of the process as easy for the customer as possible – superior customer service is very important to our team. We also offer various financing and payment options which make synthetic grass a possibility for every family. We combine cutting edge technology in product development and installation methodology, mixed with old-fashioned “the customer is always right” service.

What is the grass made of?

onelawn® synthetic turf is made from 100% polyolefin – a combination of polypropylene and polyethylene. That means that our grass – not just the blades, but the backing material as well – is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Not many synthetic grasses can make that claim. The Duraflo™ backing material is also partially made from post-consumer recycled polypropylene fibers.

Can the grass add value to my Bay Area home or business?

Yes! It has been estimated that adding lush new synthetic grass in place of tired brown sod can add 10% or more to the property value of your Bay Area home or business!

How do I pay for the grass?

The goal at onelawn® is to provide financing options that can be tailored to each homeowner’s individual budget. For qualified customers, we offer 0% Financing for 12 months or Property Assessment Financing through CaliforniaFirst. If these options aren’t suited for your needs, we also accept all major credit cards, checks and cash. Learn more about our financing options.

Has onelawn® synthetic grass undergone testing?

We’re proud to say that our manufacturer has gone through extensive testing with each of the products we offer. All of our products meet (most exceed!) US and State of California safety standards. The products are lead and heavy metal free. In addition, our playground grass, Envirofill and SofPad combination is IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) certified. That means commercial-grade safety standards for your own backyard.

Does onelawn® have a warranty?

Our artificial grass products come with a 20 year non-transferable manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, we offer a 10 year installation warranty.

Will the long-term effects of the sun harm the grass?

The artificial grass blades have been carefully engineered to resist fading and damage.

What about drainage?

You’ll think it’s a typo, but onelawn® drains at a rate of 400 inches per hour!

Is artificial lawn “pet friendly?”

Yes. Cleaning up after your pets is easier than with natural grass and pet urine will no longer leave discolored patches on your lawn. Dogs don’t get the same sensation from digging in synthetic yards as they do with sod, so most dogs will refrain from tearing up your new onelawn® grass. onelawn® is the perfect Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets.

How much does it cost?

onelawn® synthetic grass is priced by the square foot and installation costs vary based on each specific project. While the initial cost of installing a new synthetic grass lawn may be more expensive than simply re-sodding your yard, a sod lawn has recurring costs (watering, fertilizer, gas for mowing, aeration, seeding, a gardening/landscaping service, etc.), while the artificial lawn requires little to no ongoing maintenance.

Is the grass similar to patio carpet or Astroturf?

No. Synthetic grass has come a long way since the first installation of Astroturf at the dome in Houston in 1965. The first generation of “fake grass” gained a reputation for its unrealistic look and feel. With the advances in materials and construction over the past 40 years, however, we think you’ll agree that those improvements have led to a product that is virtually indistinguishable from traditional sod in appearance and texture. onelawn® is the next generation of synthetic lawns.

Does it get warmer than natural grass?

Yes. On average, the grass can be 5-10 degrees warmer than natural grass on a hot day.

What type of infill material do you use?

We typically use Envirofill a specially formulated anti-microbial infill.  Other infills are available upon request.

Are there rubber or metals found in your infill?

No. Our infill is one of the safest materials on the market – it is lead and heavy metal free and does not have the potentially harmful off-gassing issues associated with crumb rubber infill. Black rubber infill, when it gets hot, makes an unpleasant odor and the dust given off by the rubber fill can potentially be harmful to the respiratory system.

How do I remove debris from my artificial lawn?

The best part about a synthetic grass yard is the fact that it requires almost no maintenance. The leaf blower and a simple garden hose should take care of any debris you may want to remove from your lawn.

Is the grass flammable?

No. While burns from cigarettes or coals from the grill will melt the fibers in the spot where they fall, our artificial grass is not flammable. The melted spots, should any appear, can simply be clipped away.