How to Clean Your New Artificial Turf Lawn

Whether you currently have artificial grass on your property or you are considering installing fake turf around your home, you’ll need to know how to maintain your artificial grass properly to ensure it performs well over the long term and remains in optimal aesthetic condition.




Rainy Days

Winter brings rain to the Bay Area. Every other day the weather forecast is announcing another system bringing moisture our way. Although the return of rain is welcome for some it prohibits outdoor activity and causes a muddy mess for homeowners with natural grassed lawns.






Synthetic Grass is the Only Lawn That Comes With a Warranty

If your spending your money frivolously on natural grass or sod – Beware! Natural grass or sod lawns have NO warranty! Guarantees are NOT provided with an organic grass lawn installation. If you read the fine print most likely there is a line that states something like “We do not offer a warranty or guarantee on sod installation due to the fact that grass can go bad quickly. We do, however, guarantee to deliver and/or install farm fresh grass to each and every customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow the instructions to keep the sod healthy and alive.”